Enterprise VoIP Telephone System

Deploying a multi-building, multi-campus VoIP telephone system using Asterisk.

Our university campus is working from a phones system older than most of the students attending here.  There is little functionality (at least accessible to the end users) beyond the ability to answer calls and get voicemail at the phone.  We’re moving toward a system that will allow us to take advantage of the technology available to us to both increase the utility of our campus telephony, and also greatly reduce the monthly expenditure on traditional PSTN connectivity.  I intend to document most of the journey here in the hopes that it will prove useful to someone else with an equally challenging environment and set of goals.

Here’s what we are using to build the system:

Production goals:

  • Voicemail to email
  • User controlled extension forwarding
  • Completely menu-driven endpoints
  • Autoconfig of phones by extension and voicemail password during deployment
  • VLAN/QoS classified and separated traffic for the VoIP data
  • Active Directory-sourced extension maintenance
  • Multiple servers for system stability and robustness in the face of partial failure of servers or connectivity
And lots more before we’re complete, I’m sure, but this will serve as a good starting point.  As I begin to document this project, we’re complete on about 30% of the items on the list.  I’ll go back and detail how we accomplished each major part of the plan.  Don’t be afraid to ask for more details, I know I fought to find examples of what we are attempting to accomplish and if I can help someone out that’s in a similar situation, that’s even better.

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