Exit Notifier

Exit Notifier is a WordPress plugin that provides a notice whenever someone clicks a link to another site, as per compliance guidelines.

Download the plugin.

You can download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory: https://wordpress.org/plugins/exit-notifier.

Why this plugin?

A recommendation came to a client of mine who is subject to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance to add what they called a “speed bump” upon clicking a link that will take the user away from the client’s website. I searched and found nothing that did what I was wanting to do, so here it is. I have a lot of Credit Unions using the plugin too.

How do I use it?

Installing “Exit Notifier” can be done either by searching for “Exit Notifier” via the “Plugins > Add New” screen in your WordPress dashboard, or by using the following steps:

1. Download the plugin via WordPress.org
2. Upload the ZIP file through the ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ screen in your WordPress dashboard
3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

I’ve got an idea/fix for the plugin

Please send all suggestions to wpplugins@cvstech.com. I’m all ears!

This plugin is amazing! How can I ever repay you?

There’s no charge for this plugin, but if you would like to buy me some lunch then you can donate here.

Credit where credit is due

I have made liberal use of the excellent WordPress Plugin Template by Hugh Lashbrooke found at https://github.com/hlashbrooke/WordPress-Plugin-Template. Thanks, Hugh!

Also, to HTMLGuy, the maker of jAlert, a very versatile and simple alert component! Thanks!